Some advantages of the Wrepair station


* Efficient and faster lead time
* Improving results
* Reduces chances of losing tools
* Positive effect
* Ergonomic handling
* Prestigious and professional appearance


The highest quality!

Product Specifications:

• Handmade
• Full metal housing, solid build
• Optional USB Powerport with intelligent charging
• Expandable symmetrical features for personal requirements
• Small and compact, lightweight design
• Symmetrical layout for left and right hand users
• Anti-glare, anti-scratch coating application
• Innovative and ergonomic swivel arm
• Turning swivel arm, adjustable visual angle
• Pull towards, or push away swivel arm, adjustable work distance.
• Space for up to 50 tools
• Lifetime warranty

Works better!


Wrepair Station Makes your work:

* More clear
* More professional
* Ergonomic
* Faster
* More organized
* More comfortable
* More satisfying
* Less stressful