Wrepair Carrying bag for on the go incl. 41 Pieces Toolset
Easily carrying all your tools for repairing mobile devices is no longer a problem. The Wrepair Carrying bag allows you to carry all your tools you need on the go. There are several pockets in the bag which allows you to carry all the tools safely. Inside the bag you will find a 41 piece tool.

Set contains:

1. Wiha PicoFinish 261 P PH000 Phillips ultra fine point
2. Wiha PicoFinish 261 P PH00X40 Phillips fine point
3. Wiha PicoFinish 267 P TORX T2X40
4. Wiha PicoFinish 260 P 0,8X40 slotted
5. Wiha PicoFinish 260 P 1,5X40 slotted
6. Wiha PicoFinish 266 P 1PLX40 Pentalobe iPhone bottom screws
7. Wiha PicoFinish Y000x40 Tri Point 266P iPhone 7,8 X etc.
8. Wiha PicoFinish 265 P 2,5X60 Hexagon iPhone 6s Mainboard screw
9. Flat/cross screwdriver for iPhone mainboard double screws 2.5X50
10. Wera Star Magnetiser
11. Wiha ZP15014120 Precision Tweezer Professional ESD
12. Wiha ZP16014110 Precision Tweezer Professional ESD
13. Wiha Z 44 3 01 125 sidecutter Classic
14. iFlex openingtool
15. iPlastix openingstool
16. Wrepair opening Tool
17.Wrepair Magnetic Project Mat 25X20cm incl, Marker pen
18. ESD Spudger
21. 3-Pieces ESD Spudger Battery replacement set
22. 1x Pryer Card
23. ESD Cleaning Brush
24. Teflon Scissor Non-Stick with Samurai Blades Blue
25. ESD Gloves perfect fit Size L
26. 3M VISITOR PC CLEAR Protecion glasess
27. Stanley 0-10-401 Hobbyknife 120mm
28. Microfiber cloth 40x40cm
29. Screen 99 LCD Cleaner 200ml
30. Kontakt PCC 200ml
31. Kontaktchemie Dust Off 67 200ML
32. Tesa 51965 Double sided adhesive Black 2mm x 25meter
33. Tesa 51965 Double sided adhesive Black 4mm x 25meter
34. Tesa 51965 Double sided adhesive Black 6mm x 25meter
35. Tesa 51965 Double sided adhesive Black 12mm x 25meter
36. Dust, Dirt & Fingerprint Remover Foil 60mm x 25meter
37. Kapton Tape single-side adhesive 9mmx33meter
38. Premium High Comfort Wrist-Strap Anti-Allergy 10mm stud
39. Premium cord 10mm Snap to jack-plug / crocodile clip. 1.8m long
40. Wrepair Screen Support Stand With Adjustable arm iPhone iPad Grey
41. BLACK+DECKER Heatgun KX1650-QS 1750W


Wrepair Catalog 2023