Model 14 Standalone, incl. 14 screwdrivers

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Wrepair Standalone model 14

– Include 14 Screwdrivers worth 149,00 Euro
– Anti-static Coating
– Build to last

Space for 14 Screwdrivers
Innovative and ergonomic swivel arm
Turning swivel arm; adjustable visual angle
Pull towards or push away swivel arm; adjustable work distance.


494 in stock

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Standalone inclusive 14 Pieces Screwdriver:

Wiha Picofinish Pinpoint screwdriver for iPhone mainboard double screws

Wiha PicoFinish 260 P 0,8X40 slotted

Wiha PicoFinish 260 P 1,5X40 slotted

Wiha PicoFinish 260 P 1,8X40 slotted

Wiha PicoFinish 261 P PH00X40 Phillips fine point

Wiha PicoFinish 261 P PH000X40 Phillips ultra fine point

Wiha PicoFinish 265 P 2,5X60 Hexagon iPhone 6s Mainboard screw

Wiha PicoFinish 267 P TORX T2X40

Wiha PicoFinish 267 P TORX T3X40

Wiha PicoFinish 267 P TORX T4X40

Wiha PicoFinish 267 P TORX T5X40

Wiha PicoFinish 267 P TORX T6X40

Wiha PicoFinish 266 P 1PLX40 Pentalobe iPhone bottom screws

Wiha PicoFinish Y000x40 Tri Point 266P iPhone 7,8 X etc.


Wrepair Catalog 2023

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg

195 x 200 x 335 mm


Anti-static coating, Metal housing, Plastic inserts, POM Friction Discs

Included components

Wrepair Model 14 Standalone incl. 14 screwdrivers (worth 149 euro)


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