Don’t Spend Another Second Reorganizing Your Workspace Again

How many times have you set down a tool, only to forget where you put it? Or finished work on a project, and been frustrated at the mess that’s left to clean up?

When you’re ready for a workspace that’s always ready to go, consider the Model 30 Plus.

With space for up to 40 of your most essential tools, the Model 30 Plus allows you to design your workspace in a way that works for you. Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, you’ll find the expandable symmetrical features make for a confident work environment

The full-metal housing and solid build of the Model 30 Plus ensure your tools have a secure spot so you can focus on what you do best. Try a Model 30 Plus in your workspace today, handmade in the Netherlands just for you.

✔ Long-Lasting Construction, Lifetime Warranty – The solid houusing and eco-friendly plastic parts are built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty (24 months for electronic parts).

✔ Designed To Fit You & Your Space – With ergonomic features and a professional, compact design, the Model 30 Plus takes up less space while keeping you more organized than ever before.

✔ Optional USB Intelligent Charging – Expand your Model 30’s Plus functionality with an Anker 5X USB Powerport quick charge with charging system to take your workspace to the next level.

✔ Optional Anker 4x USB 3.0 HUB – Which you can use to connect to your PC or NUC, which allows you to sync, update and restore mobile devices through the station.

Wrepair Station Model 30 Plus USB Powerport, USB HUB and NUC ready,
30pcs. Toolset Advanced included.