Weller Zero Smog TL Kit 1FN Fume
Extraction unit with flexible extraction arm, extraction hose, stop valve with bench mounting brackets, remote switch and funnel nozzle

  • Exceptionally large HEPA H13 filter surface – 2.4m² for longer filter lifetime
  • Easy filter change
  • Filter monitoring and filter alarm ensure timely filter change
  • Granular activated carbon filter for effective gas filtering
  • 4-speed setting and power regulation
  • Portable fume extraction unit, for placement under or next to the bench-top
  • Quick, simple and user-friendly installation with Easy-Click system
  • Exceptionally long service life due to maintenance free brushless EC turbine
  • Fume extraction system for 1 to 2 workplaces, included funnel nozzle for applications where a larger area needs to be covered and the funnel nozzle can be placed directly on the work bench
  • Medium dust pre-filter M5 that can be separately changed, without having to change main filter


Wrepair Catalog 2023