Solve Your Consistently Messy Workspace With The Ultimate Work Companion

What if you didn’t have to reorganize the tools in your workspace ever again?

That’s the dream we were chasing when we made the Model 25 ESD, a safe and incredibly functional station for a broad range of electronics results that delivers faster lead times, improved results, and a more satisfying work experience.

With space for up to 30 tools, you’ll have just what you need, when you need it. From screwdrivers and pliers to a holder for heat guns, the Model 25 ESD is designed with your electronics repair projects in mind. Plus, with its matte finish, it keeps glare and reflections from distracting you.

The smallest and most compact Wrepair station, the Model 25 ESD is useful when you don’t have much space or as an add-on for your microscope repair corner.

You shouldn’t spend half your projects looking for your tools or cleaning up after yourself. Enjoy peace of mind, getting to do the work you love, and a professional workspace with Model 25 ESD, handmade just for you in the Netherlands.

✔ Faster Repair Times – Thanks to Model 25’s ESD expandable symmetrical features, you can set up your workspace exactly how you like it and spend less time organizing.

✔ Optional Anker USB Intelligent Charging – The Model 25 ESD is extendable with the optional Anker 4x USB 3.0 Hub, giving it the capacity to connect with your PC or NUC, which allows you to sync,  update,  and restore mobile devices via/through the station.

✔ Optional Anker 4x USB 3.0 HUB – Which you can use to connect with your PC or NUC, which allows you to sync, update and restore mobile devices through the station.

✔ High-Quality Build – Not only is the Model 25 ESD designed for ergonomic handling, its full-metal housing and injection-moulded plastic parts combine to give you a prestigious, professional appearance – just what your workspace deserves.